Hates to be alone. Cannot do anything without the other green peas.

Green Peas as they appear on the official English Mameshiba website.


Episode 1Edit

Green Pea provides the trivia, "In French, 'dandelions' is called 'pissenlit,' which means 'urinate in bed.'"

In Mameshiba: On the Loose!Edit

In Journey to the Center of the Sink, the three Green Peas are seen performing a water stunt show in the sink. One of the peas goes down the drain, leaving the other two Green Peas devastated. They embark on a journey down the sewer to find the third Green Pea along with Edamame and Chickpea . They find it in the sewer, guarded by a tribe of carrots who treat him as a king. They take the third Green Pea back to the surface. Then they honor Chickpea as thier hero.

In We Could Be Heroes!Edit

The Green Peas are only seen once in the entire book, watching Peanut's Magic Show in "A Whole Lotta Cocoa".