Jelly Bean

The Jelly Beans, as they appear on the Mameshiba website.

Jelly Bean is a group of Mameshiba. There are seven Jelly Beans total, each with a unique color and flavor. They made their commercial debut in Mameshiba 10. Their fact is,  "Koala's appendix is about 2 meters long"


  • Melon (Green)
  • Peach (Pink)
  • Strawberry (Red)
  • Soda (Blue)
  • Orange (self-explanatory)
  • Pineapple (Yellow)
  • Grape (Purple)


  • Like Chili Bean, these Mamesiba appear in another country than Japan. They appear in America.
  • The Jelly Beans don't speak Japanese very well, as heard in their commercial.