Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, with a plush of Pamyu Pamyu.

Mameshi-Pamyu-Pamyu is a merchandise collaboration project between Mameshiba and fashion icon Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. The project features five Mameshiba to fit with the theme of Kyary's style. The products range from iPhone cases, ankle socks, keychains, plushies, and more.

The MameshibaEdit


A group photo of the Mameshi-Pamyu-Pamyu.

There are five in total, with a unique trait amongst all of them: the mysterious appearance of legs!


Pamyu- Pamyu (ぱみゅーぱみゅ, Pamyu-Pamyu) is the first Mameshiba, and the mascot of the project. She has a bow and yellow hair. She is most likely inspired by Kyary herself.


Unicorn ( ユニコーン, Yunikōn) is the only other female-looking bean in the group. As her name implies, she has a unicorn horn. She is white with blond hair and pink ears and feet.


Pug is the more heavy-rocker type Mameshiba out of the five. He carries a more punk feel to his design, with a studded collar, and an eyepatch.


Tsugihagi (つぎはぎ, Patching) is a Mameshiba with a patchwork design, as his name implies.


Skeleton carries the appearance of  a clear body, and a brain that is visible, and a blue body.


These Mameshiba have appeared in several areas of Kyary's work. They have their own commercial, and a mini music video, of them in roller-skating race, set the Kyary's song "Minna no Uta". They have also made other mini-music videos, the Mameshiba being placed in actual music videos, such as "Tsukema Tsukeru" and Kyary's most recent hit, "Furisodeshon", a song to celebrate her 20th birthday. As stated previously, the Mameshiba have several plushes, and phone cases, and much more.